Foust Web Design

Finally scratching the itch

If you’ve been here before, you probably recognize that my site has gotten a much needed and long awaited face lift.  Well – wait no more!  Steady paced and hard at work, I finally reached a point where I could invest in updating the site with all that I’ve learned since circa. 2017.  Beyond a fresh coat of paint, I’ve also made some serious changes under the hood.

Not just a new coat of paint

Thanks to the Roots team,  and having previously been using a custom version of the PHP Laravel framework, I’ve found a way to enjoyably interface with WordPress using their Sage theme,.  At the time I first made the original site, it was essentially just a project that gave me an opportunity to have a front facing, globally accessibly website.  I wasn’t (and am still not much of) a designer, but my old design was just nagging me.  It needed reworked!

Moving Forward

I want to move beyond just having a portfolio site and have something more long lasting.  I don’t have a huge catalog because I’ve been busy developing professionally.  I’m a bit of a work’a’holic, so I’ve been working on refining my work/home life balance.  Being in a rush, I will gradually add new features and content.  Be sure to check back in!