Foust Web Design

Hi, my name is Daniel Foust & I make websites!

I’m a full stack web developer for a web development agency in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Serving the better part of Northeast Indiana, with a select few national businesses, I have experience working with a variety of clients and meeting their business needs.

Why Foust Web Design

Finding your price

Big budgets, small budgets, and anything in between – I can find a solution that fits your needs. I will send you a questionnaire and provide you a quote based on your specific, personalized needs.

SEO comes included

Take control of optimizing your search engine ranking! Each site I build comes with the search engine optimization (SEO) tools baked right into it! With the option of including Google analytics, you can reactively take charge of each pages keywords and descriptions.

Feel Familiar

The most common request is for WordPress sites – which powers roughly a third of the websites on the web! You may already have a WordPress site, but it’s slow – or you want to join the party and find what you’re missing out on – it can be done!


Accessibility for the disabled is often an aspect of web design that is overlooked. It may have easy to ignore, but the number of law firms pursing legal action against companies ignoring the disabled is on the rise. All sites made under Foust Web Design, LLC are built with the goal of being accessible in mind – a decision that could legally save you down the road.