Foust Web Design


A (brief) Introduction

For a long time, I have wanted to create a hub to contribute and feedback into the system that not only helped me foster a new hobby – but also to develop a career path. Some place new and experienced developers could check out to find things they can’t easily find anywhere else. These are the first steps!

A Little Backstory

As a web developer, I’ve learned many things from, through free and paid information channels. I frequently used Youtube, Udemy and Stackoverflow – along with some very smart people with their own blogs – to help me as I went on my own web developer journey. In my mind, I always wanted to contribute and return the favor, so to speak, to the community – helping along the next generation of people joining.

My Mission

Along my way, I’ve uncovered my own sets of “tips and tricks” throughout the development stack. There are still topics and tasks that still aren’t widely explained to my liking – and I feel I can have a place as being first to up to bat in a way. The feeling is I can be one of the first or one among few sharing this information in an accessible way.

Over the coming months, I’d like to create articles and videos sharing how to do these things. I hope you check back in periodically to see what I have in store.

Cheers – Daniel.