Foust Web Design


What is hosting?

Put simply, it’s the business of storing and accessing files from the Internet. Managing it can be hassle. The list is something like this:

  • Find a web host provider
  • Enter in your credit card information
  • Waste hours sifting through tons of help pages trying to figure out what you have to do
  • Now – actually doing the things you have to do
  • Then redoing the last two steps all over again once you need to update your site in 6-12 months.

That doesn’t sound fun. I know from experience when I went through the process myself as a beginner, using Host Gator to host my original website a few years ago.

So let’s layout some of the benefits of letting Foust Web Design handle your web hosting:

  • With this being part of my job, I do these steps regularly and I am familiar with them – cutting out your valuable time being wasted trying to figure it out on your own
  • Saving time having to pay me to figure out how to use your web host
  • You get to handle all your website business in one place
  • I have full control over my servers so I can install custom & personalized software that many hosts would not allow.
  • Depending on your expected traffic, you have the option of a custom server customized for your site, to handle heavy traffic easily.