Foust Web Design

Web Design & Development

Big Picture

Every single website and piece of software I design is freshly coated in layers of blood, sweat, and (occasionally) tears. “Good” is simply not the standard for me. What you buy is developed to last. Whether it’s a simple content management system or a personalized web app – I build for the user experience and with longevity in mind.

The Process

Discovery – What’s our starting point?

The first step is taking a step back – and accessing where we’re at. We’ll go over things like:

  • Do you already have a website or service?
  • What works?
  • What doesn’t work?
  • Is there a foundation that we can simply fix/remove what doesn’t work or add what we need?
  • Or Is a fresh start the path of least resistance?
  • Do you have competition?
  • etc.

*There’ll be more questions on the questionnaire we go through

Research – Assessing the situation

Next steps include going over our options and researching. This is the step where I will decide if I should take on the project. The steps for this phase include:

  • Going over the questionnaire we filled out together
  • Looking at any competition (perceived or actual)
  • Looking at sites you liked for inspiration
  • Estimating the time it would take to fix/remove/add features
  • Estimate time/budget to create a new product
  • And any other pieces of research relevant to providing you the best foot forward.


Here I will go over what I’ve gathered in my research and will tell you whether or not I would like to take the project on. If I think I would be a good fit for your project, I will continue to the design process.


After discovery & research, I’ll put together the blueprint for the project with notes and suggestions on strategy. This includes designing the rough sketches for the project and the flow of the site.


I never seek approval, unless its for a clients project! This phase is where you will provide feedback on the designs I made. An estimate will be included and once you approve, will continue to the development phase!


The development phase is generally the longest. This is where I will bring the blueprints to life!

Beta Test / Review

Together we will go through and try to break the site/app before releasing it into the wild. We don’t want any bugs or glitches after all. We can also go over how content is set and make any minor tweaks for colors or assets.

Release (into the wild)

We’ve finally made it! The project will be released.